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Agner BR01 Classic čelične metlice za bubnjeve

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Series / Type: jazz-brushes
Model: BR01 standard
Material: handle - rubberized metal; wire - metal
Handle diameter, mm: 14,3
Handle length, mm: 183
Length with closed wire (with rod), mm: 340
Length with extracted wire, mm: 338
Length of extracted wire, mm: 130
Width of extracted wire, mm: ~ 90
Diameter of wire hair, mm: 0,35
Weight of a pair, gm: 114
Description: Retractable metal jazz-brushes Agner BR01 standard are with a smooth rubberized anti-slip grip. Desired rigidity of the brushes can be achieved thanks to adjustable length of the retractable metal wires. They are suitable for rimshot-strokes (where a drumstick strikes either against the rim and head of a snare drum simultaneously), as they have a rubber coating. The brushes produce gentle focused sound. They can be used in different musical styles.