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AMT Chorus CH-2 "Ozzulator"

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AMT Chorus CH-2 "Ozzulator"


The AMT CH-2 device implements a chorus effect and is designed to work in the chain of guitar or bass guitar signal.
Chorus is a modulation effect simulating choral (polyphonic) sound of musical instruments.
When using this effect with a guitar, there is the illusion that not one guitar sounds but several ones at a time.
The effect is realized by adding to its original signal its own copies, delayed in time by values of the order of 10-20 milliseconds, and the value of the time shift is continuously changing.


  • Small dimensions (Snickers-size).
  • A choice of one of two types of chorus effects (Chorus S or Chorus x3).
  • A wide set of the effect sound controls.
  • 100% analog direct signal in a mix with the effect signal.
  • Active bypass.
  • Ability to work as a part of the AMT Bricks Pedal board.