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Conn-Selmer CL710 Klarinet

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Savršen instrument za početnike. Poseduje sjajnu intonaciju, fantastičan zvuk i veoma konkurentnu cenu, što ga čini sjajnim izborom za kupovinu kao prvi instrument koji će trajati dugo vremena pre nego što bude potrebna kupovina naprednijeg instrumenta.

Klapne su tako postavljene da budu udobne. Telo je od kompozitnog materijala koji ima izgled drveta. Uz klarinet se dobija usnik sa kapom i steznikom trske, mast za plutu, krpa za čišćenje.

This Conn-Selmer instrument has been hailed as a fantastic beginners clarinet, which could be suitable for performers up to a grade 6 standard.

Thoughtful Design
The CL710 is made from an ABS rubber body and fitted with a classic Boehm system, which is the most popular of mechanisms on modern day clarinets. The medium bore instrument is polished to provide balanced resistance and a centred sound - everything a student requires. The 17 nickel plated keys and 6 rings fit on to the undercut holes of the clarinet, creating a perfect seal and therefore a fantastic projection. The instrument has been designed for beginners, enabling them to have a comfortable hand position.

Everything You Need
Not only is there a fantastic instrument on offer, but included in this package is a gig bag, mouthpiece and cork grease. The gig bag is a suitable for transporting the clarinet around and with the shoulder straps, it's really easy. The PRIMO is the perfect all round mouthpiece for students and professionals alike. It gives a great tone and a flexibility of range. It also includes the ligature and cap as standard. The clarinet also comes with two barrels, meaning that the instrument can be played slightly sharper/flatter to suit the ensemble.

Body Material: ABS Resin
Keys: 17 keys, 6 rings
Keys Finish: Nickel Plated
Toneholes: Undercut
Key: Bb
Included Accessories

Case: Moulded Canvas Gig Bag with Shoulder Straps
Mouthpiece: PRIMO Mouthpiece with Ligature and Cap
Extras: Cork Grease and Spare Barrel