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Hohner HC06 Left Hand

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Hohner HC06 Left Hand Classic

Hohner HC06 gitara za levoruke studente početnike sa dobrim tonom i pristupačnom cenom koja će otvotiti vrata od fascinantnog sveta pravljenja muzike. Učitelji u mnogim zemljama preporučuju Hohnen HC seriju svojim studentima.

Good tone and playability at a very affordable level open the gate to the fascinating world of making music. This is why guitar teachers in many countries recommend the Hohner HC Classical Series guitars. 

Our bestseller! Thousands of musicians around the world own a Hohner HC06 – for good reasons!

This full size Classical guitar has a scale length of 650 mm and fits grown-up players of all age groups. The top is made from spruce, the back and sides are made from catalpa and finished in high gloss natural. The neck is made from Eastern Mahogany with an 18.5-fret hardwood fingerboard.


Student full size Classical guitar (length of 650 mm).

Spruce top, catalpa back and sides, mahogany neck.

Hardwood fingerboard and bridge.

Light gauge nylon strings for easier fingering.

Natural high gloss finish.

Recommended by guitar teachers.