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Jupiter JCL 737S Klarinet

84.320,00 rsd
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Model JCL 737S je izrađen od pažljivo biranog Grenadilla drveta, sa posrebrenom mehanikom i podesivim odmorištem za palac. Dizajniran je kao odličan instrument za studente muzičkih studija koji treba da najlepši mogući način zavole muziku.
Ergonomija preovladava na svakom delu klarineta, svi delovi su izrađeni uz maksimalnu preciznost i sa velikom pažnjom.

Dolazi u laganoj torbi koja se može nositi i kao ranac.

The 737S is made of premium Grenadilla wood offering players a rich, professional tone. The unique body and tone hole design also produces balanced intonation with rich timbre which helps students control the intonation of intervals easily, especially for the overtones.
An ideal first wooden upgrade instrument competing against Buffet, Yamaha, Schreiber etc...This NEW Jupiter is really worth a look and serious consideration. The 737STO benefits from some technical advancements such as the raised C/G tonehole for better intonation and clearer speaking notes.

Jupiter not only painstakingly select the finest materials from all over the globe, but make instruments by skilled craftsmanship under strict quality control procedures. With their commitment to education projects their name has become synonymous with quality at affordable prices.

Selected Grenadilla wood body, 14.65mm bore, Offset trill keys, undercut tone holes, adjustable thumbrest, uplifted C/G tone hole, unique flat joint rings, high tension blue steel springs, case supplied.