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Kawai CA-48 R/B/W digitalni klavir

225.980,00 rsd
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Kawai CA-48 digitalni klavir Rosewood, Black, White

Izuzetan digitalni klavir sa potpuno novom Grand Feel Compact drvenom dirkom koja jako dobro oponaša osećaj sviranja na Gran Pianu. Takodje, poseduje SK-EX and EX concert grand piano zvuke, Bluetooth konekciju. CA-48 ima puno opcija koje krase skuplje modele, a prijemčiviji je po cenovnom rangu prosečnom kupcu. 

Specifikacija :

  • 88 Wooden keys with Ivory touch surface
  • Grand Feel Compact keyboard with pressure point simulation
  • 3-way sensor and counterweights
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging (PHI) technology
  • 88 Key Sampling
  • 19 sounds
  • Four-hand mode
  • Dual mode
  • Metronome
  • Internal recorder (3 songs - max. 10000 notes)
  • 192-voice polyphony
  • 19 internal songs
  • Lession function
  • Key-off release
  • Damper resonance
  • Hall
  • Transpose
  • Brilliance
  • Pokrivka za klavijaturu
  • 3 pedale (Grand Feel pedal system - realistic pedal feel)
  • Tiltable pitch control
  • 2 ulaza za slušalice
  • Bluetooth MIDI
  • Midi in / out
  • USB to Host
  • Zvučnik : 2x 20 Watt
  • Dimenzija: 1356 x 461 x 885 mm
  • Težina : 57 kg
  • Boja : Rosewood satined
The Touch of a Grand Piano: Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action

The CA48 is the first Kawai digital piano to utilise the brand new Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action.  As its name suggest, the GF Compact action has been designed to reproduce the authentic touch weight characteristics of the industry-leading Grand Feel keyboard actions, within a smaller form factor.



The new action retains the long wooden keysticks used for all 88 black and white keys, and the familiar ‘seesaw’ mechanism employed by acoustic grand piano actions for centuries.  However, despite its smaller unit size, GF Compact features an extended key pivot length, providing a more consistent touch weight when playing towards the rear of the keyboard.  This crucial detail ensures the CA48 delivers the most realistic playing experience in its class, surpassing even the venerable RM3 Grand actions utilised by its predecessors.