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Kawai CN29 električni klavir

185.876,00 rsd
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Kawai CN29 električni klavir, novi model Japanskog proizvodjača, naslednik čuvenog CN27 modela. Instrumenti su poboljšani u saradnji sa premium audio kompanijom Onkyo. Bolje karakteristike samog klavira a posebno zvuka koji je bogatiji i kvalitetniji zvuk.

Model CN29 proizvodi se crnoj (satin black SB), rosewood (braon-ružino drvo RW) i beli(white-WH).

Karakteristike :

- Stunning Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5* and Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds, with full 88-key sampling
- Class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action
- High-performance sound delivery and speaker system developed in partnership with by Onkyo
- Integrated Bluetooth MIDI and Audio* for wireless communication with smart devices
- Easy-to-use cheekblock control panel with high resolution OLED display
- Flexible Virtual Technician function with intuitive Smart Mode feature
- Built-in Burgmüller, Beyer, Chopin, Czerny etudes and Alfred lesson songs
- WAV/MP3/MIDI file record and playback via USB memory*
- Attractive, modern cabinet design available in three different wood finishes

The rich, expressive sound of Kawai’s celebrated concert grand pianos are at the heart of the new CN Series, with both the flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and highly-acclaimed Kawai EX instruments lovingly recorded and faithfully produced using full 88-key stereo sampling.  With two distinctive Kawai concert grand pianos, a traditional upright, and the CN39’s newly added Shigeru Kawai SK-5 mid-sized grand readily available, CN Series owners can explore a variety of different piano sounds, and enjoy the contrasting properties of each. The latest CN Series instruments utilise Kawai’s advanced Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology, with algorithms that reproduce how an acoustic piano’s tonal character changes as dynamics increase.  This ensures seamless expression when playing from gentle pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo, without sudden changes in sound, while impressive polyphony specifications allow players to perform complicated pieces without held notes ‘dropping out’ unexpectedly.

These realistic piano sounds are delivered using high-performance sound hardware and speaker systems developed in partnership with Onkyo, one of Japan’s leading premium audio equipment manufacturers.  This technology ensures a faithful reproduction of the acoustic source, delivering crystal clear piano sounds with low-noise and minimal distortion – even at high volume.