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Mapex Armory Exterminator ARBW4650RCTK

30.000,00 rsd
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Mapex Armory Exterminator ARBW4650RCTK 14x6.5 Birch Walnut Snare Drum

Mapex Armory Exterminator 14" Snare Drum Features:

  • 7-ply birch/walnut shell balances tone and attack
  • Powerful projection is suited for louder music
  • Dry attack works well for close-miking
  • 2.3mm Power Hoops deliver a chunky attack
  • SONIClear bearing edges maximize tone and tuning range
  • Stainless-steel snare wires with brass end plates are snappy and accurate
  • Armory Tube lugs provide a stylish look and high tuning accuracy
  • Vertical throw off works fast and smooth
  • Stock Remo Ambassador batter head enables great tone out of the box


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