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Mapex B330 Stalak za činelu

7.380,48 rsd
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The Mapex B330 boom cymbal stand is a sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight cymbal stand with a few practical features that you would not expect a cymbal stand in this price range to have.

First of all, it is equipped with sturdy, double-braced legs, that will keep the stand in place during even the most intense playing sessions. Secondly, the stand has a knurled hideaway boom arm, which means that you can fit the boom into the main tube, allowing you to use the B330 as a straight cymbal stand when you want to save some space!

Mapex B330 boom cymbal stand: Multi-Sustain cymbal felts

Furthermore, the B330 comes with Mapex' Multi-Sustain cymbal felts. These feature two sides, one side being a felt cymbal washer, and the other being a plastic cymbal washer. The felt side provides a soft, vibration-absorbing base for your cymbal that decreases cymbal resonance, while the plastic side allows your cymbal to resonate freely for extended sustain.