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Mapex MPX MPST3354SE Doboš 13''x3,5''

15.500,00 rsd
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The Mapex MPX 13" x 3.5" Steel Snare Drum is an Amazing Value for money Drum. At the Nottingham Drum and Guitar Centre we stock the full range of these Amazing MPX series Drums from Mapex. Different materials, diameters and depths of the shell have a huge influence on how a snare drum sounds. Made from a 1.0mm Steel shell, with a diameter of 13" and a depth of 3.5" this Mapex MPST3354 Snare Drum will suite any kind of music. With 20 low mass lugs it can easily be cranked up for a snappy sound. Steel drums tend to be more cutting and metalic sounding in tone than wood shells, that are mellow and warmer. Finished in a polished chrome with chrome hardware this drum looks and sounds stunning. Fitted with Remo Drumheads as standard and a fully adjustable throw off means you really can get a lot out of this Mapex MPST3354 Piccolo Snare Drum.