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Mapex Raptor Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

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Mapex introduces another bird of prey the Raptor Direct Drive Pedal. The Raptor has all of the power, stability and security you would expect from a direct drive pedal, but has the feel that you can only get from a chain pedal.

In addition to the unique design of the Direct Driver linkage, Mapex has included some of the advanced technology found on the Mapex Falcon pedal such as a smaller pedal footprint, a torque-free spring mechanism and the unique Falcon beater with interchangeable weighted inserts. This combined formula results in a pedal with incredible flexibility and a feel that's unbelievably responsive and fluid.

The new Mapex Raptor is available in a single and a double model. Once you play it, you'll understand immediately why the Mapex Raptor is the only pedal with direct drive appeal and a chain drive feel.