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Mapex Saturn V Exotic Deep Water Maple Burl

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Mapex Saturn V Exotic Deep Water Maple Burl SV529XBMSL

Mapex has taken the next step in its development of professional drum kit - Saturn V. SONIClear ™ -chiped tribes and the new SONIClear ™ tuner is standard on Saturn V.


Saturn V MH Exotic and MH are featured in a range of playful finishes and feature many amazing features like SONIClear ™ Touche, SONIClear ™ Floor Trim, Base Stacker with Minimize Contact, Base Marker Memory Markers, and Floating Suspension Mount (Option). Saturn V MH Edition has 6-layer strains on crisp and tame and 8-layer tribes on the bass streams, made in North American maple and walnut, with chrome or black-cream hardware.

Bass Drum 22x18 ,

Toms 10x8 and 12x9  , 

Floor Tom 16x16 ,

Single Tom Clamp 2xTH800 .



  • 22 "X18", 10 "X08", 12 "X09", 16 "X16"
  • Maple and Walnut Hybrid Shell
  • 7ply 7.5mm Bass Drum Shells 7ply 6.15mm Tom & Snare Shells
  • SONIClear ™ Tom Suspension
  • Deep Water Maple Burl finish
  • Black Chrome Hardware
  • SONIClear ™ Floor Tom Feet
  • Low-Contact Bass Drum Claws
  • Memory-Mark Bass Drum Spurs
  • 2.3mm Power Hoops
  • SONIClear™ Bearing Edge


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