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Marshall MS2R combo

4.000,00 rsd
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M2 od 1w neverovatne snage koji u sebi ima: prebacivanje kanala, bateriju i džek za slusalice koji sluze kao predpojačalni izlaz, da rokate dok svirate.

This MS-2 red, mini half stack has bags of serious tone and is anything but a toy. It has even been used in professional recording studios; placed in a shoe box with a hole cut for a microphone. We kid you not.

Type: Solid State
Number of Channels: 1
Power: 1W
Speakers: 1 x Speaker
EQ: 1-band
Inputs: 1 x Instrument
Outputs: 1 x 1/4" TRS (headphones)
Height: 5.51"
Width: 4.33"
Depth: 2.36"
Weight: 0.75 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number: MS2