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NUX Mighty 15 gitarsko kombo pojačalo

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Mighty 15 Combo Amplifier with built-in tuner

The Mighty 15 is the first member of nu-X's Mighty Series of amplifiers. Featuring 6 classic modeling amp simulations, the powerful Mighty-15 has the capacity to beat any amp in the same range.

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, the Mighty 15 is all you need. It's ultra portable, compact and strongly built; you can take it to rehearsals, small gigs or your friend's house!

Your friends may envy you for having such an amp. Yes, I really mean it. It's a great value. In the range of digital guitar combos, you'll not find another one with such powerful functions:

6 modeling amp types give you wide range distortion/ overdrive / clean tones to choose from.
6 digital effects enable you to save the time from connecting tons of pedals. And all effects are must-have ones for a guitar player!
A professional guitar tuner is built-in. You can switch the amp to mute mode and get your axe in tune quickly.

If you don't want others to hear your masterpieces, you can plug your headphones into the headphones jack. Recording can be done easily with Mighty 15 as well, we put a MIXER output jack on the back.



Rated Power output: 15W
Nominal Input Impedance: 1MΩ
CD/MP3 Input: -10dBu@3.3kΩ
LINE IN Input: -10dBu@3.3kΩ
MIXER/PHONES output: -10dBu@600Ω
Power Supply: AC 117V, AC220V or AC230V
Dimensions: 370(L) x 350(H) x 205(W) mm
Weight: 8.67 kg
Accessories: Power cord, Owner’s Manual