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NUX Mighty 8 gitarsko kombo pojačalo

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Mighty 8 Portable Digital Guitar Amplifier

The Mighty 8 is a compact powerhouse. 6.5 Watts output power, 32-bit DSP equipped and 44.1kHz CD quality sound, the Mighty 8 will give you a tube-like tone never before thought possible in such an affordable but flexible amp.

You can switch between CLEAN and LEAD (overdrive) channels. These two channels create a total of seven preamp simulations including CLEAN, BLUES, OVERDRIVE, CRUNCH, CLASSIC, SUPERLEAD and HEAVY METAL, instead of one flat distortion sound! A 6.5-watt power amp, which combined with the 6.5" speaker, creates a very powerful amplifier that's powerful enough for the road or home studio.



Easy to use, 3-band equalizer (BASS, MID and TREBLE).
6 types of built-in, digital effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay and Reverb, and separate "Delay" and "Reverb" effects with separate controls from the modulation effects.
A tuner function is also included. An LED display allows you to tune your guitar quickly and easily.
"MIXER/PHONES" for use with Headphones and for use as a recording output. The MIGHTY 8 is equipped with two external input jacks, which is convenient for your practice sessions. Use this to play along with sounds from a drum machine, CD or MP3 player.
You can run on battery power for up to 8 hours of continuous operation.