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Proel LIVEW100LU6

800,00 rsd
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Profesionalni kabl za instrumente sa dva Ø 6.3mm mono utikača i Proel metalnim konektorima. Dužina: 6m

LIVEWIRE assembled cable series is the result of PROEL constant research following the evolution of the market. This series of high-quality cables, is made with the use of OFC copper conductors and high flexibility PVC. Equipped with Proel connectors that are heat-shrink covered on guitar cables. The range of available variants is composed of the most commonly used types of connections. 6,2 mm Outer jacket diameter.


  • Colour: Black
  • Connectors: PROEL - metal housing 2 x Ø 6.3 mm mono plug
  • Connectors heat-shrink covered
  • Cable: PROEL