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Regal Tip BR590R The Sutter čelične metlice za bubnjeve

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Regal Tip BR-590R

„The Sutter“ has a medium gauge wire (.016) resulting in a more articulate wash for snare drum playing. Its thicker gauge wire is less flexible than the classic 583 and allows clearer articulation when playing rim shots and backbeats. The Jason Sutter brush is great for any style of music from Jazz, Country, R&B, and rock.

Our work with some of today’s finest brush masters has produced a line of unique Performer Series brushes to meet the performance needs of such famed players as Jeff Hamilton, John “JR” Robinson, Clayton Cameron and most recently, Jason Sutter.


  • Diameter: 0.530″
  • Length: 13.75″
  • Model #: 590R