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Traps A400NC akustični bubnjevi komplet

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Traps A400NC akustični bubnjevi komplet. Idealan prenosivi kompakt set bubnjeva za kućnu ili klubsku svirku. 

The A400 is the first portable kit to feel and sound like a regular drum kit. The drums are constructed from a very high quality and durable A.B.S. and are fitted with Remo heads, steel counter hoops and are tuned with the traditional multi screw tuning system. This also allows the use of pads for silent practicing. The rack system that the drums and hardware fit to is made from substantial steel tubing which means that everything stays exactly where it’s put when the kit is set up and doesn’t move. The lack of a resonant head also makes it ideal for recording or miking up in a live situation. The A400 will also fit neatly into two bags, ideal for the gigging pro,jobbing drummer or teacher going from student/student.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Very portable – 27KG / 60lbs total
  • Small footprint
  • Oil filled tom heads
  • Double sided bass drum
  • Full acting snare with throw off
  • Rubber high grip feet
  • Good quality hardware