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Ultimate Support GS-1000

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Ultimate Support GS-1000

Ultimate Support GS-1000 je stalak za gitare sa unikatnim stilom kačenja koji bezbedno drži gitaru za glavu dok telo gitare odmara naslonjeno na noge stalka.

Ultimate Support's GS-1000 unique hanging-style guitar stand securely holds your guitar by the head stock while the body rests safely against velvet-like padded legs. The GS-1000 Genesis Guitar Stand features a unique, patented leg-locking mechanism. When setting up the stand, unlock the legs, unfold and lock the legs in place for worry-free stability and strength. The ingenious leg-lock eliminates "floppy-leg" syndrome.

For storage and transport the legs unlock for easy, compact portability. This guitar stand features a self-closing yoke. When placed in the stand, the guitar's weight quickly closes the yoke around headstock of guitar, holding it safely and securely. Easily remove guitar without catching cable or strap.


Constructed of automotive-grade materials
One-piece stand quickly folds into a compact unit
Closing yoke to hold guitar safely and securely
Height adjustable stand holds every size and shape guitar and bass
Case-quality velvet pads protect guitar's finish
Legs lock open and closed for worry-free stability
Easily remove guitar from stand without catching guitar cable and strap