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Vintage Reborn Pro Straight One-Piece Sopran Saksofon

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Skladan dizajn, izgled, klasičan zvuk i osećaj Vintage horne nalazi se u duši Vintage Reborn® Pro serije saksofona, a na sve to se nadovezuju moderna poboljšanja. Vintage Reborn® donosi najbolje od oba sveta zajedno u savršenoj harmoniji.

The Cannonball Vintage Reborn One-Piece Soprano Saxophone gives you the look, feel, and tone of a vintage one-piece soprano while incorporating modern improvements.
Made in Taiwan, assembled and hand engraved in the US, this professional soprano sax features a one piece neck, traditional bell, high F# key, Italian water resistant pads, blue steel springs, pivoting C#-Bb table mechanism, and stabilizing brace for left hand spatula.

This Soprano is in like-new condition with little to no wear visible. Pads and springs are in excellent condition and are playing smoothly. Comes complete with original hard-rubber mouthpiece, matching cap/ligature, and original vintage-style Cannonball hard shell case.

Fine Hand-Engraving
Each Cannonball Vintage Reborn Saxophone is hand-engraved by our specially trained artisans in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Each engraver goes through an apprenticeship with our master engravers for up to a year.

Limited Editions
The Vintage Reborn series has standard and limited engravings. The limited engravings are produced in small quantities. Our current limited engraving is the Falcon.

One-Piece Design
Vintage Reborn sopranos are made in one piece with a fixed neck for more vibrancy and pitch stability.

Vintage Reborn® One-Piece Soprano Features:
Traditional Bell
One-Piece Neck Design
9 Semi-Precious Stones
Hand Engraved
High F#
Vintage-Style Case
Lighter Key Action
Italian Water-Resistant Leather Pads w/ Wool Felt
Convex Nickel-Plated Brass Resonators
Blued Steel Springs
Power Forged Keys
Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws
Adjustable Metal Thumb Hook
Pivoting C#-Bb table mechanism
Stabilizing Brace for Left Hand Spatula
Relief Springs on G# and Low C# keys
Hard Rubber Mouthpiece
Hand Acoustically Customized by a Professional