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Vox AC15 CC1 gitarsko pojačalo

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Vox AC15 CC1

The AC15CC1 Custom Classic from Vox needs no fancy introductions! Born from a classic design and with a heritage dating back to 1958, it maintains and evolves Vox's pedigree in thoroughbred tone. Features 15 watts of power, 12" VOX/Wharfedale Custom speaker and much more! This amp's features may seem limited at first, but I've found that they prove suitable for most styles of music, with the exception of metal and heavy rock, which one would require a pedal for. The reverb is a little unorthodox, but works well at low levels, and the tremolo is excellent; capable of giving my guitar tone a spooky shimmer when set to low speed and mid-depth. The bass and treble controls are also very effective. Don't be fooled by the 15 Watts power rating; I've played to an indoor crowd of about 200 people with it and it didn't quite need to be fully cranked. At home the master volume circuit means that I can have plenty of distortion (plenty for this amp, at least) without breaking the windows. It is by far the loudest 15 Watt combo amp that I have ever encountered.