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Yamaha MSR 100 Aktivni zvučnik 8" 100W

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Yamaha MSR100 je izuzetno kvalitetan aktivni zvučnik sa najčistijim zvukom u klasi. Idealan za monitoring, mali kućni razglas, zvučnik za školu i zvučnik za konferencije. Lagan je za nošenje, a i pogodan je za lokale i bašte restorana gde je potreban čist i glasan zvuk.

Speaker type 2-way powered speaker
Frequency response -10dB 55Hz-20kHz
Components LF 8" (20cm) cone
HF 1” (2.54cm) driver + Horn
Output power 100W
Maximum output level (1m; on axis) 112dB SPL
I/O connetcors Input 1: XLR-3-31 type(-50dB/+4dB), Input 2,3: Phone jack (-10dB), Link Output: Phone jack (-10dB; Pre-EQ)
Power consumption 70W
Flying and mounting hardware 2x M8-25
Dimensions W 275mm; 10-7/8in
H 455.5mm; 17-7/8in
D 255mm; 10in
Net weight 11kg; 24.3in


The MSR100 offers compact size, big sound, and a range of versatile features. Power and superb audio quality deliver a solid sonic punch that is ideal for a variety of applications. And because it's so compact and lightweight, not to mention easy to set up, it's perfect when you need an easily transportable live sound setup that will perform flawlessly just about anywhere.

All-in-one sound solution - powerful, versatile, reliable

Compact in size but big in sound and versatile features, the MSR100 packs a powerful sonic punch - making it ideal for a wide range of applications and almost anywhere in your stage setup.

All-around performer

The MSR100 fills many sound reinforcement and stage monitor needs in one inexpensive, lightweight package. As a mixer, power amplifier, and speaker system combined in a single, compact unit, it's perfect for small events and club gigs. Mix in a CD player, rhythm machine and/or keyboard with your voice - all without the need of a separate mixer or power amplifier. And since it's made by Yamaha, the MSR100 provides the high-quality performance you need with exceptional ease-of-use and reliability.

High power, great sound

The 100-watt power amplifier built into the MSR100 delivers plenty of output, ensuring that you'll be heard with full dynamic range and clarity. This specially designed amplifier has been optimized for use with the speaker section of the MSR100 to give you the absolute clearest and cleanest sound possible.

An 8" custom woofer handles the low end, while a 1" pure titanium diaphragm compression driver delivers the high frequencies. The horn of the MSR100 provides a wide 90° x 40° sound dispersion for optimum audience coverage.

Versatile mixer and connections

A simple but effective mixer built into the rear of each unit provides 3 inputs with master EQ for precise sound control. The input 1 XLR connector accommodates almost any microphone or line input (with a -50dB/+4dB pad switch), while line sources can be connected by phone jack to the input 2 and input 3 connectors. This makes the MSR100 perfect for small events and club gigs.

Naturally, each input has its own level control, with a Master Level control for overall output. Two-band EQ - high and low - gives you further control over the final sound. A convenient CLIP indicator alerts you when the input signal is too high, letting you avoid distortion. For larger events, the MSR100's special LINK OUT jack can be used to connect multiple units and expand your sound coverage.

Flexible placement options

The MSR100 is compact, lightweight, and ready to go anywhere you go. Besides a built-in handle, its distinctive design lets you stand the unit upright for conventional sound reinforcement, or lay it on its angled side for use as a floor monitor.

The MSR100 is as rugged as it is versatile, with a durable polypropylene enclosure that stands up to the rigors of the road. A variety of mounting options also let you place it on a pole, suspend it from the ceiling, attach it to a wall, or even safely stack multiple units on the floor.