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Alexander 103 F/Bb Double Horn

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Alexander Francuska horna 103 F/Bb svetski popularni Alexander model unikatan u tonu i kvalitetu intonacije.
Visoki kvalitet i garancija kvaliteta. Model 103 se ustalio kao izbor mnogih profesionalaca.

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The double horn has established itself as the orchestral instrument of choice. The combination of full Bb and F horn offers the musician great flexibility in intonation and tone. There is also a definite correlation between mass and tonal projection. With full double horns the thumb valve serves to change to either the shorter Bb horn or longer F horn.

Modell 103 is the world famous Alexander model, unequaled in tone quality and intonation.

The Alexander 103 is the most popular double horn in all of Europe. In Germany, its sound is ubiquitous in professional orchestras. You'll hear a section of 103 horns in the Berlin Philharmonic as well as many other ensembles. Designed in 1907, the unique change valve of this instrument was patented in 1909. The model 103 tends toward being rather light, with a compact sound and a presence that's not heard from larger and heavier instruments. There's an electricity to the Alexander tone that is not easily found elsewhere. The workmanship is absolutely flawless - this is German craftsmanship at its finest. The change valve only turns 60 degrees, so the thumb action throw is very short. The instrument can be adjusted to stand in Bb or F as you prefer - only a screw driver is necessary. All rotors are activated by silent Minibal linkages. No restringing will ever be needed, and a small drop of oil will keep the linkages completely silent. The rotors pivot on bronze bushings for long life and silent action.

Hand made in Mainz, Germany, in a brand new factory, these Alexander instruments are built to order with many options available. Updated tooling and manufacturing processes have made the current Alexanders to be among the best playing and most consistent ever.

- Key:
- Bore:
- Bell flare diameter:
- Bell throat:
- Body size:
- Material:
- No. of valves:
- No. of thumb valves:

F/Bb or Bb/F
12,1 mm
310 mm
Yellow brass, gold brass or nickel silver

- Fully independent Bb and F valve slides

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