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Alhambra 5FP Op Pinana flamenco gitara

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Alhambra 5FP Op Pinana je flamenco gitara koju potpisuje poznati flamenco gitarista Carlos Piñana. Poznatija u flameco krugovima kao " Flamenco negra", "crna" je napravljena od Čedara, Indian rosewood-a, mahagonija i ebonosa. Korišćenje Čedara za flameco gitare nije baš tako često, ali Alhambra se trudi da sa tom vrstom drveta dobije prepoznatljivi flamenco karakter. Zavrsnica je novi sistem Alhambre koji se zove " Open Pore", gde drvo ostaje ne lakirano, a ton je bogatiji za fine visoke tonove kao i trajanje samog tona koje je znatno duže.


5 Fp OP Piñana

The model 5 Fp OP Piñana is born fruit of the collaboration between the flamenco guitarist Carlos Piñana and Alhambra Guitars

Alhambra has introduced some technical specifications that make up a very versatile guitar, with an excellent value for money and with the qualities required by today's flamenco guitarists.

The model 5 Fp OP Piñana is a flamenco guitar called flamenco negra. Instead of cypress for the back and sides, it is made of Indian rosewood. Although in this case, it is important to highlight the choice of solid Cedar for the top.

Using cedar top is infrequent in flamenco guitars, but Alhambra has been investigating to create a new bracing design to get a guitar with the flamenco personality. Its sound is round and gives greater versatility for the interpretation of different styles.

The 5 Fp OP Piñana model comes with gold machine heads, a comfortable Mahogany neck reinforced with ebony and melamine for the saddle and nut, a highly transmitting material that helps balance the sound.

This model has a classy aesthetic, full of special details and a great quality sound. The 5 Fp OP Piñana is a different flamenco guitar, with innovative elements but still maintaining the flamenco tradition.


In the construction of this guitar, Alhambra has used the open pore system. This finishing system offers a natural satin finish in the aesthetics of the instrument, where the pores of the wood remain open, which allows the sound of the guitar to have a great resonance.

This finish requires fewer amount of varnish, however, a powerful sound is achieved.

TOP:  Solid Red Cedar with tap plate
SIDES & BACK: Indian Rosewood
NECK: Mahogany. Reinforced with ebony
FINISH: Open Pore