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Alice A007J-PC kapodaster

1.400,00 rsd
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Alice A007J-PC

Alice A007J-PC kapodaster od punog metala, veoma izdržljiv. Koristi se za električne ili akustične gitare.

Dostupan u više boja: hromirana, ljubičasta bronza, bronza

A good guitar capo is one of the best accessories for any guitar player. 
As you learn new songs or play along with your favourite tunes, the music may not match up nicely with chords you already know. By using a guitar capo you can shift the pitch of chords you are already familiar with. 


Easy squeeze design, easy to move into position
Fits acoustic and electric guitars
Unobtrusive and compact
Fully adjustable to suit the neck of your guitar
Light weight
Easy to move from fret to fret and position accurately