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Antoine Courtois Paris AC420BO Legend Series F-Attachment Trombon

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Antoine Courtois Paris AC420BO Legend Series F-Attachment Trombon 

Key: Bb/F
Bore: .547-inch
Leadpipe: Standard fixed
Leadpipe Material: Yellow brass
Bell: 8.5-inch one piece
Bell Material: Yellow or rose brass
Handslide: Standard weight
Handslide Material: Yellow brass
Handslide Crook Material: Yellow brass
F-Attachment Wrap: Open
F-Attachment Valve: Standard rotor
Features: One piece bell; Miniball linkage and adjustable thumb trigger
Case: Lightweight contoured
Mouthpiece: Yes
Mouthpiece Shank: Large
Finish: Lacquer

Standard rotor F-Attachment.

The Antoine Courtois AC420BO Legend Series F-Attachment Trombone offers amazing performance and sound for the player looking for a symphonic trombone. The AC420BO Legend features a .547" bore combined with an 8.5" one piece bell that provides excellent projection and response. The open wrap F-Attachment features a free-blowing design plus an adjustable thumb trigger for player comfort and mini ball linkage for smooth action. The Courtois AC420BO Legend F-Attachment trombone includes a lightweight contoured case and mouthpiece and is available in lacquer finish with a choice of yellow or rose brass bell.