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Buffet Crampon BC1193-2-0 Prestige bass clarinet

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Bb Bass Clarinet model prestige

  • Model Prestige
  • Deep C
  • Eb / Down Heber
  • G Resonance key
  • Boehm-system
  • Drvo Unpickled African grenadilla
  • Posrebrene klapne silver plated keys
  • including case and accessories
  • The 1193 Bass Clarinet represents Buffet Crampon craftsmanship at its greatest. A must for the serious university student or the professional symphony player, the Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass Clarinet produces a well centred, rich tone.

    Along with an Eb/Ab lever and low G resonance key, the BC 1193 is equipped with a double D spatula and a triple D spatula.