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Buffet Crampon Divine Klarinet

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Model Divine poseduje prednost, ima identičnu rupu na istom mestu kao model Tosca, koji omogućava bolju intonaciju u svakom registru. Ovaj instrument je najnovija evolucija na bazi Buffet-ovog RC asortimana, što ovaj model svrstava u top modele klarineta.

Research and development is both a rigorous and creative process.
In collaboration with our workshops and internationally renowned clarinetists, Paul Meyer worked on the research project for developing new acoustics, resulting in the Divine clarinet.

Key : Bb
Pitch : 440/442 Hz
Body : natural African blackwood
Bore : poly-cylindrical according to the Buffet Crampon method
Tones holes slots : in Green-LinE son the upper joint
Tenons : metal-capped
Carbon wire : barrel, lower joint and bell
Corks : synthetic on tenon, no lubrification necessary
Barrels : 66 and 65 mm
Keys : 19
Rings : 6
Thumb rest : adjustable
Eb lever : included
Keywork finish : silver plated or gold plated
Keywork and mecanic : highly reliable
Pins : metal O-ring
Springs : blue steel
Pads : combination of GT pads (100% waterproof and breathable) and natural cork pads

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