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Buffet Crampon Légende Bb klarinet

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Buffet Crampon Légende BC1156L Bb- klarinet za profesionalce.

Ovaj novi klarinet Buffet Crampon grupe je rezultat dugogodišnjeg iskustva i tradicije. Visokokvalitetni delovi koji uključuju:


  • metal-capped tenons, for an enduring union between upper and lower joints
  • GreenLinE tone hole slots, ensuring an air-tight closure and flawless sound while eliminating the risk of cracking
  • a low F correction key to enhance the sound in this characteristic scale
  • ergonomic rings for a more comfortable and intuitive feel (Légende exclusively)
  • natural wood, specially selected and honed for a perfect resonance


Bb Clarinet

  • Boehm system
  • Made of grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
  • 440 / 442 Hz
  • 19 Keys and 6 rings
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Eb lever
  • Low F correction key
  • Blue steel spring
  • Cylindrical Buffet Crampon bore
  • Tenons with metal rings
  • Combination of GT pads (100% watertight and breathable) and genuine cork pads
  • 2 Barrels included: 66 and 65 mm, as well as case, ligature, mouthpiece capsule and accessories

Note: USNIK nije uključen u cenu.