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Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb klarinet 17/6 Školski model

74.900,00 rsd
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BUFFET CRAMPON Prodige Bb klarinet 

Novo iz porodice Buffet Crampon, Prodige Bb klarinet ABS telo, posrebrene klapne....Novi lider u školskom programu. Klarinet, ranac i sve sto je potrebno uz klarinet. Model Prodige je renovirani model E13 samo namenjen mladjim studentima koji počinju sa sviranjem. Najprodavaniji klarinet u klasi. 

Buffet BC2541-2 Prodige Bb- clarinet, 17 keys, 6 rings, Co- polymeric ABS body, poly- dylindrical bore according the E13 model, barrel 65mm, silver-plated keys, leather pads, blue steel springs, new adjustable thumb rest, urban play mouthpiece (black), incl. backpack case and accessories

Prodige’s new bore, inspired by the renowned E13 model, allows an unprecedented ease of play and projection of sound. The intervals between notes are pitch-perfect and balanced.

Its bell has also been entirely reworked in order to optimise projection. Our innovation: a textured bore.

It is now possible for a young musician to learn to play on a professional-sounding clarinet at a reasonable price.

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