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DR strings MM6 125 Žice za bas gitaru

6.000,00 rsd
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Marcus Miller signature DR strings MM6 125 were designed for Marcus' exacting standards. Marcus Miller is a pioneer in electric bass who has worked with Miles Davis, served as a producer for "Night Music," developed an extensive resume as a producer in L.A., and has played on more than 200 records.

Marcus Miller worked with DR to develop a new and improved version of one of the best stainless round wound bass strings on the market. The effort took over a year, and the result is a œfatter, deeper, smoother string that satisfied Marcus Miller' demanding standard. Fatter tone. Deeper sound, smoother feel and response are the qualities that separate Marcus Miller œFat-Beams from all other ordinary bass strings. New œFat-Beams are also more consistent in feel along the length of the string, as well as string to string.

Gauges 40-60-80-100.