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DR strings NLR 5 Žice za bas gitaru

4.900,00 rsd
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DR strings NLR 5 - DR Sunbeams are nickel plated wrap wire wound over round cores. This makes the Sunbeams have a bright and warm tone, rich in overtones and punchy at the same time.

Since they are wound over round cores the sunbeams have a soft feel and due to the magnetic properties of nickel they make your pick ups really come alive. They are great for fretted or fretless bass guitars, as Tony Frankling (bass player for Kenny Wayne Shepherd) says, “Sunbeams amaze me….I love them on my fretless. The way they feel, they're the perfect blend of bite and smoothness. The lows are fat, the harmonics sing, they are punchy and focused, and like all DR Strings they last!” You can have the same experience too, check them out.