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DS Drum 14"x6" Steel Custom shop snare drum

47.500,00 rsd
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"The Rebel Custom Shop series steel snare encourage you to enjoy the character of its vintage appearance.
This elegant drum is crafted from rolled high-quality steel and can be customized in any drum hardware color option.
It comes with a proprietary 22 strand and has a presence that will never be overshadowed by the mid-range tones of string and keyboard instruments.
Our outside center bead produces a more open sound for crisp, articulate performance.
Available in both 14"x6" and 13"x7" the Rebel Custom Shop steel snare possess incredible volume and sensibility and is a unique snare drum that is not only visually stunning with awesome tones, it will quickly earn it’s place as a classic collector’s snare drum.

First Class Steel shell
Satin finish
Snare Wires - 22 Strand
100% Made In Italy