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DV Mark Jazz 12" Black Edicion pojačalo za električnu gitaru

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DV Mark Jazz 12" Black Edicion pojačalo za električnu gitaru.

Malo pojačalo, lako prenosivo sa 1x12" koje daje jasan, topao ton koji svaki jazz muzičar traži. 

Jazz guitarists are well aware that creating a great jazz tone requires not only the right guitar but also the right amplifier. 
As for the DV Little Jazz combo, the DV Jazz 12 has been designed with a jazz guitar in mind.
For those who prefer a 12" combo, still very light and easy to transport, the DV Jazz 12 is the perfect choice

It features the same pre/power amp section of the smaller 8" version and the same clean, warmmusical sound... it is great for either intimate or louder gigs.
The amp's innovative technology gives you faster attack and improved dynamic response

Specifikacija :

Preamp Amp: Solid State
Power Amp: Analog
Controls: Master | Bass - Mid - High | Rev
Other Features:
Aux IN 
Headphone OUT 
XLR Line Out
Speaker ON/OFF
Output for external cab (minimum load 8 ohm)
Power: 50WRMS@8ohm / 60WRMS@4ohm
Speaker size: 1x12” DV Mark Custom 
Impedance: 8 ohm
Size (cm): 43.5 (w) | 42.5 (h) | 30.5 (d)
Size (inches): 17.12" (w) | 16.73" (h) | 12" (d)
Weight:18.95 lbs / 8.6 kg