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Edwards T-396A Tenor Trombon

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Muzička svestranost Joseph Alessi-a zahteva instrument koji će zadovoljiti njegove potrebe. T396-A može da zadovolji te potrebe, kao i dodatne. Kada  ne svira u zadnjem redu u Linkoln centru, onda nastupa solo ispred orkestara i recitala.

. Cena kofera zavisi od modela i kvaliteta kofera.


First and foremost, Mr. Alessi is a principal orchestral player. His instrument must crown the low brass section while blending with the orchestra. This balance was of the utmost importance when designing his signature trombone. But we also could not ignore Mr. Alessi's considerable solo capabilities.

So we set out to provide Mr. Alessi with a horn that gave him the correct timbre and feel no matter the musical setting. This is more difficult than it sounds. A lot of timbre comes with having an instrumeqnt that is tonally flexible without becoming unstable in different registers. We feel we achieved our goals due to the fact that the T396-A is the first "acoustically-tunable" fixed instrument. We are excited to make an instrument available that is as unique as each and every one of our customers.

Edwards T-396A Bb-/F Tenor Trombone, Joseph Alessi model, open wrap, Ø 13,89mm (.547") L- bore, Rotax valve section, Alessi brass bell (70% copper and 30% zinc), unsoldered bell rim, single radius rose brass tuning slide, rose brass slide outer tubes, brass end crook, Alessi signature silver leadpipe, clear lacquered, without case.


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