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Julius Keilwerth SX 90R Saksofon

403.000,00 rsd
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SX 90R saksofon spada u nivo izvanrednih instrumenta. Ovaj zlatno lakiran model nudi bogat, solidan ton koji odgovara muzičarima u bilo kojem stilu muzike, od klasične do jazza.

Enjoy all of the versatility this model allows with the traditional sound and response of a gold lacquered instrument. Precision engraving and gold lacquered keys result in a high quality and attractive presentation.

These are impressive looking instruments that are certainly very exceptional players.
In addition all three of the palm keys can be adjusted to fit the contours of anyone’s hands, large or small. The G# key also has a very handy additional mechanism to prevent it from sticking. This instrument does have rolled tone holes.

Key : Eb
Range : Low Bb to High F#
Material : German Brass
Key buttons : Mother of Pearl
Palm keys : Adjustable
Thumb rest : Metal, Adjustable
Pads : Leather Pisoni
Resonators : Metal
Body finish : Gold Lacquer
Key finish : Gold Lacquer
Engraving :Laser Precision Engraved
Tone holes : Drawn with Hand Soldered Rings