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KAWAI GE-30 ATX polukoncertni klavir

2.478.760,00 rsd
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Kawai polukoncertni klavir sa klasično dobrim izgledom i rezonantnim tonom, GM-30 ATX pruža mogućnost rada i u modu digitalnog instrumenta.

The impact of the hammer on the strings offset this and the soundboard to vibrate. So unfolds the warm, natural and distinctive sound of an acoustic piano. In an excellent wing play to perform with spontaneity and passion. But this unbridled expressiveness may not always welcome. There are always situations and environments in which the piano is bothersome. For example, when children practice scales, while other family members want to watch TV in peace. Even the most gentle, soothing chopin preludes - after a certain period - to interfere with one or other neighbors.
AnyTimeX models are equipped with a mute function for the acoustic part of the wing and a high-quality digital piano technology. These allow the pianist anytime the feel of a traditional wing to enjoy and disturbed by the use of a headphone anyone.