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Mapex Mars 5 Piece Fusion Shell Pack RW

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Mapex Mars 5pc set Bubanj - Komplet Bubnjeva
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Mapex Mars 5 Piece Fusion Shell Pack MA504SF RW

The Mars Series “Classic Fusion” Shell Pack includes smaller sizes that are equally suited for the rock drummer needing a highly portable, great sounding kit, or the Jazz drummer needing versatility.

The classic 20x16 bass drum harks back to an era when tonal versatility was key, the quick 10x7 and 12x8 racks pack real punch whilst the 14x12 floor is deep and full without being overpowering.

This kit is supplied in the UK as a shell pack. Colour matched hardware packs are available on a special 'paired' purchase program through all UK stores to ensure best pricing for both kit and hardware when purchased together.

Colour matched hardware packs consist of H600, P600, S600 and B600 x 2.

Straight from the Saturn IV Series, the SONIClear™ Suspension System on the rack toms increasesoverall resonance by preserving vibration in the drumheads and shell and preventing energy transfer to the hardware.
The Insulated Bass Drum Claws include rubber gaskets that protect the hoop from damage and prevent rattling or buzzing during periods of extended play
The 100% Birch 6-Ply Shells produce great focus, allowing the drums to speak quickly and project clearly. Rack toms have a punchy brightness while the lower frequencies of the bass drum and floor toms are supported with enhanced punch and body.
The Matching Snare Drum gives a unified look to the set while providing a solid fundamental crack. Its 14" x 6.5" size provides great tuning and musical versatility.

On Mars kits that feature black hoops and fittings, the Black Electro-Plating Process results in a significant increase in finish durability compared to powder-coatings found on other kits.
Bass Drum Mounted Tom Holders are standard with Mars Series 529 and 504 shell packs. A Single Tom Arm and Clamp for mounting the rack tom from a cymbal stand are standard on the 446 and 528 shell packs.


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