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Mapex Saturn V Exotic MH Rock Natural Maple Burl

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Mapex Saturn V Exotic MH Rock Natural Maple Burl SV529XBMXN

Whether in the studio or on the stage, this 2 up and 2 down shell pack has a big and rounded sound with great versatility. With standard drum depths, the unique Maple and Walnut shell composition coupled with the SONIClear bearing edge results in clear and focused rack toms, fat and dense floor toms, and bass drums with a balance of punch and boom.

The full array of standard depth toms in this 2 up and 2 down configuration provides the player with a wide range of sounds and pitches ideal for melodic grooves and tom fills. The Maple and Walnut hybrid shell produces a strong attack and a rich tone that projects well in live settings and tracks perfectly in the studio. It’s the classic Saturn sound. The SONIClear bearing edge simplifies the tuning process and enhances tone and tuning range.

Bass drum 22"X18",

Toms 10"X08", 12"X09",

Floor tom 16"X16"

Single Tom Clamp 2xTH800 .

Maple and Walnut Hybrid Shell
7ply 7.5mm Bass Drum Shells 7ply 6.15mm Tom & Snare Shells
SONIClear Tom Suspension
Natural Maple Burl
Black Chrome Hardware
SONIClear Floor Tom Feet
Low-Contact Bass Drum Claws
Memory-Mark Bass Drum Spurs
2.3mm Power Hoops
SONIClear Bearing Edge  


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