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Marshall MB150 Kombo bas pojačalo

74.400,00 rsd
64.480,00 rsd
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Dizajniran je da od samog početka  bude izdržljiv, ova bas pojačala i kabineti imaju neverovatan zvuk i imaju u sebi profesionalne funkcije od početnika do vrhunskog muzičara.

The 150 Watt MB150, with its 15” speaker and larger cabinet size, packed more bottom-end punch than the MB60. With two channels, Modern and Classic, and a three band passive EQ network featuring a parametric Mid and a switchable Compressor with variable Level control, the MB150 had a single ECC83 preamp for real valve warmth. With a solid state power stage this hybrid combo had a three mode Voice control, along with a Boost switch which allowed for real control over the shape your sound.

  • Superb Marshall bass combo offers the tone and versatility required by any professional bass player
  • 150 watts Output
  • 1x15 inch speaker
  • Built-in limiter
  • DI Line out: XLR (Pre and Post)
  • FX Loop
  • Headphone output
  • Footswitch: 1 Way (included)
  • 2 channels, Modern and Classic
  • Built-in compressor (switchable Modern channel)
  • ECC83 pre-amp valve (Classic channel)
  • Boost Switch (Classic channel)