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Martin M620 Žice za ukulele

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Martin M620 žice za ukulele

Sa Martin M620 žice će izvući maksimalni potencijal vašeg instrumenta. M620 žice proizvode jak ton koji je tačan i definisan.

Get the most out of your uke with Martin M620 Tenor Ukulele Strings. Made from clear fluorocarbon, these strings have a high tensile strength that helps hold your tuning better while increasing the harmonic output of your instrument. Martin M620 strings produce consistent tone that is true and defined. Martin strings always produce great tone from your instrument. See how good your uke can sound with a set of Martin M620 Tenor Ukulele Strings.


Mellow and warm tones for your Tenor ukulele
Made from clear fluorocarbon for improved harmonic output
Higher tensile strength holds tuning longer
Gauges: .0216, .028, .034, .0256