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Medeli DD401 elektronski bubanj

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Medeli DD401 elektronski bubanj.

Set se sastoji iz : 3 toma, 1 snara, 1 crash, 1 ride, 1 hihat, 1 hihat control i 1 kick trigger. Veoma lak za sklapanje i rasklapanje, zauzima malo mesta u prostoru i veoma koristan za vežbu, časove ili svirku.

With its new sleek foldable design, DD401 is the perfect drum kit to bring along for gigs, home practice and lessons. The space-saving folding design allows drummers to easily store the drum kit at home, and it takes only 30 seconds to fold and pack. 

The coach mode is professionally designed to cater to the needs of students at different levels, with five different ways to help students catch the beat, such as changing the tempo gradually or changing beat divisions for students to follow and regular beat check. Once students become comfortable with the drumming rhythm, they could play along to their favorite songs simply by plugging to a portable music device into the Aux In jack. Students also have the option to play with a headphone for privacy, or use a speaker through line out.

Although DD401 is small in size, its sound quality is not compromised at all. With 200 expressive voices, it allows you to play any genre of music from hip hop to jazz.

Specifikacija :

3 Tom

1 Snare

1 Crash

1 Ride

1 Hi-Hat

1 HH Control  (continuous type)

1 Kick Trigger  (trigger type)

Display:  3-digits LED

Polyphony:  64 (max)

Drum Kits:  10 preset

Songs:  30 preset; 12 loop

Learning:  Beat; Rhythm; Pattern coach


Click voice; Volume;

Time signature; Interval select

Tempo:  30 – 280

Dimensions LWH (mm):

970 x 450 x 1180

Weight (kgs):  10.6