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Michael Rath R100 Bb Tenor Trombone

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Michael Rath nudi široku paletu tenor trombona koji odgovaraju za svaki zahtev muzičara. Šest modela obuhvataju instrumente idealne za svaki muzički žanr. Jasnoća, sjaj i fleksibilnost jesu uobičajeni zahtevi za glavni trombon u velikim orkestrima, a dubok, pun, zaokružujući kvalitet tona od strane trombona je potreba orkestra. Michael Rath tenor tromboni pružaju savršeno rešenje.

The choice of instruments for jazz, commercial, pop or funk style playing is wide, Michael Rath offering 4 different models. Decisions regarding “single” or “dual bore” slides are easily accommodated. The “single bore” choices are the R10 (0.500”) and the popular R2 (0.510”) models whilst the “dual bore” instruments are the R12 (0.481”/0.491”) and R1 (0.500”/0.510”). The standard bell size for these instruments is 7½”.

If you tend to be more focused on brass band, wind band or orchestral playing then the two largest bore models, R3 (0.525”) or R4 (0.547), having bell sizes of 8” and 8 1/2” respectively, make an ideal choice.

As with all Rath Custom Trombones the instruments can be tailored to meet your particular preference. This can include bell size, tuning slide material, finish etc. Options can be found at the bottom of this page.

Significant is the introduction of an “in slide” tuning system for tenor trombones similar to that on the R11 alto trombone. This has advantages of tuning and timbre with little penalty in terms of slide weight.

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Model Bore Bell flare Notes/Common combinations
R10 0.500" 7 1/2" Yellow brass or nickel silver bell flare
R1 0.500"/0.510" dual bore 7 1/2" Yellow brass or nickel silver bell flare
R2 0.510" 7 1/2" 8" bell flares are available to give slightly fuller sound.
R3 0.525" 8" Leadpipes to take small shank mouthpieces (31 series) and large shank (31L series) are available.
R4 0.547" 8 1/2"

41A and 41B; 5, 5A and 5B leadpipes are available.
Red brass bell, yellow brass slide, yellow brass tuning slide/yellow brass bell, bronze slide, red brass tuning slide.