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Paxman 20 EYDC Full Double French Horn

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PAXMAN francuska hrona model 20 u tri različita modela materijala.

U središtu dizajna ovog modela je Merevether sistem, pri čemu je protok vazduha putuje u istom pravcu na obe F i Bb horne, dok je prekid protoka od okretanja rotora minimizan.

The F and Bb sides of our full double horns are well-matched, and all models feature exclusive tuning slides for each side. Apart from the obvious benefits, the Bb tuning slide allows the player to add an extension with a manually operated A= valve. The mouthpipe main slide also helps to drain the instrument. The thumb valve is easily reversible to stand in either F or Bb.

The model 20 is offered in any combination of three bores and three different alloys of brass.

- Merewether System
- Available in Medium, Europa, Large sizes
- Lacquered or unlacquered
- Available in Yellow brass, Gold brass or Nickel Silver (by request) finishes
- Mouthpipe guard
- Mouthpipe water key
- Reversible thumb valve
- Nickel silver valve casings
- Brass rotors
- Cord or Miniball lever action
- Fixed or detachable bell
- Hand stopping 5th Valve (by request)
- A=442 pitch as standard

The Model 20 has been the mainstay of the Paxman range for many years. It is a completely original design that broke away from the three distinct layouts that have been used for much of the last century.


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