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Pepperdecks DJOCLATE mali džepni mikser za dva telefona ili kompjutera

6.820,00 rsd
5.580,00 rsd
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Idealna stvar kada hoćete da pustate muziku sa dva telefona ili I-pada. Mali džepni mikser sa kablovima gde ne morate da čekate da se odčita pesma na You Tube. Puštate muziku sa jednog kanala dok na drugom telefonu tražite sledeću pesmu.


IDEALNO ZA KUĆNE ŽURKE gde ima više telefona pa svako hoće da pusti svoju pesmu !!

we all know that house parties often end up being the best nights out. you, your friends and their awesome music make these kind of festivities better than any other get-together. that said, full-on DJ gear is not always available and more often than not, prepared playlists don’t do the job. the night usually ends in friends lining up to play their favorite tunes from their own music device, resulting in a rather obnoxious mix of music, abrupt silences and the notorious crackling of the audio cable.

dutch duo maarten & maarten have realized a way to give each party, from simple gatherings, to office drinks in need of ambient music or any celebration for that matter, the musical experience they deserve. ‘we thought it should be an easy-to-use device that will give you and your friends the ability to amp up the playlist! that’s why we designed thepepperdecks DJoclate: a pocket sized music mixer that is small enough to bring to any event. it gives us all the power of mixing music from multiple devices in one seamless track. no more awkward silences…’, they say.