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Proel DST260 Extensible arm microphone stand

7.990,56 rsd
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PROEL DST260 stalak za mikrofon sa ekstenzijom za lakše korišćenje. Zateže se na stolu za govornike, radio stanicama ili studiju.

Extensible arm microphone stand featuring fixed desktop base and clip-on base desktop stand. Suggested for radio installations and dubbing studios. 5 m XLR – XLR microphone cable included. Available in matt black finish.


  • Application fields: Suitable for multi-media workstations, radio installations and dubbing studios
  • Construction materials: Steel
  • Minimum Height: 480 mm
  • Maximum height: 920 mm
  • Arm length: 480 mm
  • Weight: 1,34 Kg
  • Cable: 5m 3P XLRF - 3P XLRM Professional microphone cable included
  • Load capacity: 1,2 Kg
  • Colours Available: Matt black
  • Notes: Microphone and shock mount not included