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PRS SE Custom 24 Roasted Maple LTD

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PRS SE Custom 24 Roasted Maple LTD.

Prvi put od kada postoje Paul Reed Smith SE gitare, konstruktori su napravili vrat i fingerboard od paljenog javora ( roasted maple). Drvo se pali u posebnim komorama radi izbacivanja vode, stabilnosti samog javora ali i atraktivnog izgleda. Instrument dolazi sa PRS Gig bag torbom.

PRS Europe are proud to announce the first ever PRS SE with Roasted Maple necks and fingerboards. The Maple is carefully torified, or roasted, in special chambers to cure the wood; this removes water and volatiles and results in a very stable platform and of course a cool ‘roasted’ look and great feel!

The 2019 Roasted Maple limited is available in Europe only while stock lasts on the following models – SE Custom 24, SE Custom 24 Lefty and SE Custom 24 Floyd. We’ve selected some great PRS colours too (see below for details) and, to further set these great looking guitars apart, they feature a big scoop Quilted Maple veneer top and come complete with a PRS SE gigbag.

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