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Rovner Dark Mašinica (ligatura) za klarinet

4.500,00 rsd
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Čuvena ROVNER DARK ligatura!

DARK Ligature
A Performance-Enhancing "Classic" Model
The Original Rovner™ Ligature!
DARK Ligature

Dark, warm and resonant
Assists in producing a full, centered tone
A solid and remarkable performer since 1974!
Although technologically superior, its sound is similar to the sound produced by the age-old string ligature
Includes a Rovner™ cap
Made in the USA!
Who Plays It?
The original Dark launched the fine line of Rovner™ ligatures in 1974, and introduced an innovative approach to ligature design. It is especially enjoyed by the classical player,and despite many imitators, continues to be our best-seller. For decades it has also been the "go-to" ligature for music educators, knowing they can recommend it with complete confidence that a Rovner™ ligature is just the thing to help developing players move to the next level of performance.

Of course, the Rovner™ ligature you choose will be based on your own set-up, playing style and preferred sound. To help you decide, consider our money-back TRIAL guarantee! As you know, a ligature is no small thing! Without a doubt there's a Rovner™ ligature that can help you meet your musical objectives.