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Rovner Versa Mašinica (ligatura) za klarinet

8.400,00 rsd
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VERSA Ligature
A Performance-Enhancing "Classic" Model

Repositionable flaps and cradle with inserts that can be configured to produce six different tones
Rewards the player with a big, rich sound
Complete tonal control
Accurate intonation through all registers
Flaps may be arranged asymmetrically to accommodate irregular reeds
Includes a Rovner™ cap
Made in the USA!
Who Plays It?
The variable Versa is the high-performance predecessor to the Next Generation Versa-X. Jazz and classical players alike appreciate the Versa's ability to personalize their sound. It is ideal for the player seeking to fine-tune the ligature's responsiveness and tonal qualities.

Of course, the Rovner™ ligature you choose will be based on your own set-up, playing style and preferred sound. To help you decide, consider our money-back TRIAL guarantee! As you know, a ligature is no small thing! Without a doubt there's a Rovner™ ligature that can help you meet your musical objectives.