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Rovner Versa X Mašinica (ligatura) za klarinet

6.900,00 rsd
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ROVNER mašinica za Bb klarinet

A Performance-Enhancing "Classic" Model
VERSA Ligature

Repositionable flaps and cradle with inserts that can be configured to produce six different tones
Rewards the player with a big, rich sound
Complete tonal control
Accurate intonation through all registers
Flaps may be arranged asymmetrically to accommodate irregular reeds
Made in the USA!
Who Plays It?
The variable Versa is the high-performance predecessor to the Next Generation Versa-X. Jazz and classical players alike appreciate the Versa's ability to personalize their sound. It is ideal for the player seeking to fine-tune the ligature's responsiveness and tonal qualities.

Of course, the Rovner™ ligature you choose will be based on your own set-up, playing style and preferred sound. To help you decide, consider our money-back TRIAL guarantee! As you know, a ligature is no small thing! Without a doubt there's a Rovner™ ligature that can help you meet your musical objectives.